instrument iONE™

High-Performance Microarray Dispensing Instrument

instrument iONE™ Series

The iONE™ series offers ultra-fast, the highest-precision, non-contact liquid handling system which meets and grows with your application needs from R&D to production facilities. The iONE™ series is now available in different models, from iONE™-200 to iONE™-1200, depending on your production requirements. All iONE™ systems enable flexible pattern design with the highest printing speed with micro-dispensers utilizing the unique Quattro Jet technology. All iONE™ are equipped with inline degassing and automated inline quality control.

iONE™ is controlled by easy-to-use, largely image-based software which reflects the instrument layout and provides self-explanatory systematic work-flow for creating custom-specific spotting experiments. Separation of the multiple users work can be arranged by password protected user profile.

Common Applications

  • DNA/ protein/ cell microarrays/ Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Biosensors/ Semiconductors
  • In vitro diagnostic
  • Library compound screening
  • MALDI-MS sample preparation

Key Features

  • High Throughput application
  • Free pattern design
  • Automated target and microarray imaging
  • High speed processing
  • Spot on the fly technology
  • 2D or 3D droplet imaging
  • Flexible deck configuration

    Additional information:
  • Source format: 96-, 384-, 1536-MTPs; 2, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1 ml Eppendorf vials; 20/40 ml glass vials
  • Target: 60–156 glass slides; 8-28 MTPs; 3 wavers 12’’

instrument iONE™

High-Performance Microarray Dispensing Instrument

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