i031 Multichannel Dispenser

Universal, highly flexible non-contact liquid handling instrument for chemical, biotechnological, and pharmaceutical industry as well as research facilities. The Multichannel Dispenser enables automation of different liquid handling applications in μL and mL volume ranges. The core elements are two digitally controlled dispenser pumps, which on demand dispense liquid as individual drops with a constant volume of 0.01 mL (digital liquid handling). It enables to dispense up to 10 droplets per second with a maximum flow rate of 6 mL/min per dispense channel. Higher flow rate can be achieved by combining two or more dispense channels.

Common Applications

  • Initiate on demand chemical or biological reactions
  • Programmable non-contact addition of liquid reagents or solutions to running experiments
  • Variation of pH by addition of acidic or alkaline solutions.
  • Programmable non-contact dilution

Key Features

  • Modular and extendable technology (1-10 dispensing units)
  • Up to 10 different experiments in parallel, 10 users using the same instrument the same time
  • Up to 20 different liquids for one experiment
  • Experiments can be programmed while others are running
  • Compatible with wide range of chemical and biological liquids

Drive Range (X/Y/Z) Dimensions (W/D/H) Weight (kg)
Basic = 1 Controller & 1 Dispenser Unit
Extension I: max. 4 add. Dispenser Units
Extension II: 1 add. Controller & 6 - 10
add. Dispenser Units
from 112mm/ 171mm / 262,5mm
to 312mm/ 171mm/ 262,5mm
1 Controller = 0,8 kg
1 Dispenser Unit = 1,6 kg