Application: DNA Microarray Dispensing within 96 well MTP

INTER-ARRAY® is a department of the German company fzmb GmbH, private commercially related research institute, which operates as a link between academic research and commercial application-oriented research and development.
INTER-ARRAY® uses the M2-Automation piezo dispensing technology to produce 27x27 microarrays which became part of a kit for MRSA genotyping.

From petri-disc into microtiter plate well analyses

INTER-ARRAY®established nucleic acid tests in a microarray-based format to identify more than 300 different DNA sequences for more than 170 clinically relevant markers related to virulence, resistance and typing in just one experiment. DNA and protein microarrays within one (1) microtiter plate well are commonly used within veterinary and human medicine and can be spotted in picolitre or nanolitre volumes in any microarray layout.