Stepping into M2's world

“If you want to be successful, you must be focused… “ Several years ago, we at M2 decided to separate manufacturing and selling processes, to stay focused

Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array - NAPPA

Fabrication of protein arrays usually require lengthy preparation times along with laborious separation procedures, although

Piezo-Driven Microdispensers

PIEZO-DRIVEN MICRODISPENSERS The need for miniaturization and precise placement of the low volume droplets on different substrates (microelectronics, CMOS, cantilevers, MTPs, etc.) grew heavily over last few decades.

Microarray pins

One of the most critical components of the microarray instrument for contact printing is the set of proper pins. The pins have to fulfil several requirements – uniform size, shape

Non-Contact Dispensing

NON-CONTACT DISPENSING Non-contact dispensing is a newer method, which originally emerged from other technologies like...

Contact printing or spotting

The printing, spotting or dispensing methods can be categorised according to the spot formation as contact and non-contact. The contact printing where the contact pins are used and is based on a direct contact of the printing needle with the printing surface. Contact printing is a preferred method in case of

Contact or Non-Contact?

Contact printing OR Non-Contact dispensing? The diagnostic kits, based on microarrays are becoming an important tool for many laboratories nowadays...

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