instrument iTWO™ - 300p

The iTWO™-300p is the most versatile dispensing system in the M2-Automation product range. The instrument is an easy-to-use complete system, which enables contact and non-contact dispensing, while having full control over dispensing parameters, humidity range, temperature, DEW-point, ionization, ozone free. The instrument iTWO™- 300p enables spotting in different volume ranges from pl up to ml volume ranges and can be equipped with an automated target and microarray imaging software, 2D or 3D imaging system for accurate positioning and droplet volume. The quality control is arranged by a head camera with a variety of camera option. With a larger area for production and unique resolution it is ideal for R&D and small-scale production.


Quattro-Jet Technology

The instrument iTWO™-300p enables the possibility to combine four different microdispensing technologies within one instrument:

  • Piezo Driven Micro-Dispenser (PDMD) for ultra-low pL up to nL applications
  • Solenoid Driven Micro-Dispenser (SDMD) for nL up to mL applications
  • M2-Micro-Dispenser (M2MD) with a shockwave generator, a modulator with a broad range of available dispensing tips made from glass, stainless steel as well as disposable plastic tips for avoiding carry-over.
  • Pin Driven Micro-Dispenser (PinDMD) for picolitre to low nanolitre contact dispensing aplications

All M2MD dispensers can be equipped with a cartridge vessel for bulk dispensing, degasser, temperature control for maximum reproducibility and high-volume accuracy.

Key Features

  • Free target selection
  • Free pattern design
  • Aspiration/ dispensing and bulk filling
  • Automated target and microarray imaging with mounted head camera
  • 2D droplet imaging
  • High speed processing
  • Flexible deck configuration


Source format: 96-, 384-MTPs; vials; 20/40 ml glass vials
Target: 24 - 36 glass slides; 3x8 vials and 4 MTPs; 3x8 vials and 4x waver 5’’

itwo microarray spotter

Drive Range (X/Y/Z) Dimensions (W/D/H) Weight (kg)
250mm /300mm / 100mm
Speed = 750 mm/s
from 110cm / 70cm / 110cm benchtop
to 110cm / 70cm / 190cm standalone
from 150 kg
to 180 kg