Providing the easiest multiplex diagnosis technology 

Innobiochips is a French IVD company committed to bring deep innovations on the IVD market. Innobiochips is specialized in the development of innovative multiplex immunoassays and aims to position its technology, SirYus™, as a new standard for In Vitro Diagnostics.

SirYus is a very powerful, easy to use, fast and cost-effective technology based on a perfectly controlled process and standard ELISA materials. It is by far the most accessible multiplex immunoassay technology available on the market today. Based on the standard lab equipment, SirYus enables to run up to 200 highly specific, accurate and fast tests on a single biological sample.

SirYus technology takes in vitro diagnostics to the next level and opens new possibilities for Transplantation, Transfusion, infectious diseases and Microbiome. 


The state-of-the-art robotic instruments facilitate fast and high precision positioning of the drops into any target or microfluidic. The high dispensing speed is empowered by robust piezo nozzles with inline degassing, which enables production of stable droplets in different volume ranges from picolitre till low microlitre. The core software InDot allows scaling from R&D into Fully Automated Production lines throughout different instrument levels.


iONE-1200 in the Innobiochips Laboratory