Application Non-Contact Cell Spotting

Non-Contact Cell Spotting in the Low Nanolitre Range Using a Novel Dispensing Technique


  • M2-Dispenser (M2MD) with a shockwave generator and a modulator
  • Using disposable tips with an orifice of 200 μm allows the deposition of droplets with a feature-to-feature distance of 700 μm or less
  • A dead staining using propidium iodide (PI) afterwards showed that more than 95% of the cells survived the spotting process

A very important issue of cellular biotechnology, e.g. tissue engineering, is the analysis of cell-cell interaction and a defined pooling of different cell types to mimic a certain environment, like those present in different tissue or a stem cell niches. Therefore, a local, controlled deposition of living cells is required. Here, we present a method which enables a defined positioning of different cell lines using a dispensing technique delivered by the M2 Dispenser.