i301 Liquid Processor

Liquid processor introduces an automation solution for processing microarrays and blot membranes, including all washing steps and downstream reactions and incubation with a secondary or tertiary antibody. Each unit can process 1 - 4 microarrays, small membranes, two medium-sized or one large membrane. Extra units can be connected to extend the processing capacity. Accurate, non-contact addition of all liquids minimizes sample carryover between individual processing steps improving the washing efficiency and reducing the overall processing time.

Common Applications

  • Processing of biochips: protein, DNA, cell, and other microarrays
  • Processing of all kinds of blot membranes, especially Western Blots
  • Processing of glass or plastic slides or other formats

Key Features

  • Orbital shaking
  • Temporary tilting for quantitative liquid removal
  • Optional cooling or heating
  • 2 – 4 liquid supply lines
  • Compact size, flexible configuration
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software for quick experiment set-up

Dimensions (W/D/H) Weight (kg)
1 unit stand alone;
W 22cm, D 40cm, H 18cm
approx. 9kg