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Pictor is an invitro diagnostic company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2005 it seeks to promote patient and animal health through the early intervention of diagnostic tools leading to improved healthcare outcomes. Pictor has a multidisciplinary team with more than 30 employees in New Zealand, USA, and India. This allows Pictor to develop, manufacture, and market high quality microarray immunodiagnostic products, based on its patented multiplexing and miniaturized ELISA technology platform.

Pictor logoThe PictArray™ M. bovis ELISA is Pictor’s new microarray that has been developed and will be manufactured on the M2-Automation Dispensing Technology. Pictor’s development goal is to create a more sensitive M. bovis test than the currently used ELISA through multiplexing which allows the use of multiple antigens thus increasing sensitivity. Validation studies in New Zealand and Australia are expected to be completed in April 2022. This is one of many new multiplex developments at Pictor Ltd.

4x Alignment spots

2x Antigen 1

2x Antigen 2

2x Antigen 3

2x Antigen 4

2x Antigen 5

Pictor Ltd is using dispensing technology of the German company, M2-Automation GmbH, founded in 2003 in Berlin.  

M2’s High Precision Dispensing Technology enables ultimate flexibility in different volume ranges (picolitre, nanolitre or low microlitre) with ‘state of the art’ robotic technology for high precision positioning of the microarrays or filling microfluidics with biological materials. The core software InDot allows scaling from R&D into Fully Automated Production lines throughout different instrument levels.Overview system