Stepping into M2's world


“If you want to be successful, you must be focused… “

FocusSeveral years ago, M2-Automation decided to separate manufacturing and selling processes, to stay focused on what we do the best. And for this reason, we have an organization responsible for manufacturing – M2-Automation - and an organization focused on selling and communicating with customers – M24You.


The manufacturerM2-Automation - is responsible for creating and producing instruments and finding solutions for different applications of our customers, while the sales organization - M24You focuses on building relationships with customers, identifying their needs, helping them find the right solutions, taking care of logistics, and after-sales processes, including handling complaints.

M24You is selling M2-Automation products exclusively and worldwide. But as we are based in Europe, when it comes to distributing on other continents we prefer to cooperate with local distributors. Based on their performance, our distributors obtain from us the exclusive contract for their territory. Currently, we have exclusive distributors in the USA for North and South America -


Axivend LLC    


and in China – for the region of China -

APGBio Ltd. 

Our distributors act as intermediaries between the sales organization and the end customers. Building and having strong relationships with distributors is the key to long-term success, which involves regular communication, setting up mutual goals and expectations, and providing support and training to ensure that the distributor is equipped to sell the products effectively, support customers and guarantee a good reputation to the M2-Automation products. Clear guidelines and policies help to define the roles and responsibilities of the sales organizations and the distributors, including pricing policies, terms and conditions, and territory boundaries. 

In case you are interested to become our distributor, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always opened to cooperation in territories, which are currently available.

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