instrument iZERO™

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instrument iZERO™ series

The instrument ZERO™ represents fully automated contact or non-contact ultra low liquid handling system with a fully flexible, scalable and highly automated production environment with no need for changing or reprogramming the entire setting during production.

iZERO™ is equipped with a source MTP or vial holder, wash station, droplet volume detection system, head camera for QC, flexible deck configuration, where MTPs, microfluidics, CMOS, glass-slides and vials can be placed next to each other. The system is provided with:

  • Dual active feedthrough transfer system and target handler with fast barcode reading
  • Adaptable volume range from picolitre to mililitre for single- or multidispenser system
  • Distance sensor for scanning or controlling target distances

Key Features

  • Fully automated system for large scale production
  • Perfect for dispensing on unregular target surfaces
  • 2D- or 3D-imaging system for droplet fly path imaging
  • Integration of custom specific components
  • Different instrument sizes
  • Low maintenance

instrument iZERO™

The system with high throughput, highest accuracy and comprehensive dispensing possibilities - iZERO™ the best choice for your production.

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Technical Data

Drive Range (X/Y/Z)

400-600 mm/ 350mm/ 80mm

Dimensions (W/D/H)

85cm/ 130 cm/ 248cm

Weight (kg)

from 500 kg

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