instrumentTWO-200 TXRF

Micro-Dispensing Instrument for TXRF Sample Preparation

instrumentTWO-200 TXRF

The instrument TWO-200 TXRF - non-contact liquid handling system for total reflection x-ray fluorescence sample preparation where the sample is printed as a dense layer of tiny droplets. The sample is prepared many times, which improves homogeneity, reduces shadow effects and the significantly improves reproducibility of TXRF measurements.

Printing process can be automatically repeated after the samples are dried, which increases the detection sensitivity of very diluted samples.

Common Applications

  • Preparation of thin crystalline layers (e.g. salt containing solutions)
  • Preparation of homogenous liquid films (e.g. oil containing solutions)

Key Features

  • Capacity: 18 target discs (3cm), 16 source vials (0.5mL)
  • Sample preparation: dense carpet of tiny drops (10nL+)
  • Multiple sample deposition for higher detection sensitivity
  • Optional heating of target discs and support of smaller source vials via adaptor
  • Optional droplet control camera and a second, head mounted camera for substrate inspection and imaging
  • Variable enclosures or standalone

instrumentTWO-200 TXRF

Non-contact liquid handling solution for total reflection x-ray fluorescence sample preparation

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Technical Data

Drive Range (X/Y/Z)

200mm /200mm / 50mm
Speed = 300m/s

Dimensions (W/D/H)

from 45cm / 45cm / 30cm
to 100cm / 73,5cm / 175cm

Weight (kg)

from 45 kg
to 180 kg

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