instrument iTWO™-400

High-Capacity Micro-Dispensing Instrument

instrument iTWO™-400

The instrument iTWO™-400 is a versatile non-contact liquid handling system with a high and flexible capacity for source and targets, designed for high production capacity on glass slides, MTPs, nitrocellulose membrane and microfluidics. The iTWO™-400 is available with the Quattro-Jet technology, which combines four different micro-dispensing technologies in a one instrument.

  • The Piezo Driven Micro-Dispenser (PDMD) for ultra-low pL up to nL applications
  • The Solenoid Driven Micro-Dispenser (SDMD) for nL up to mL applications
  • The new M2-Micro-Dispenser (M2MD) with a shockwave generator, a modulator with a broad range of available dispensing tips made from glass, stainless steel or disposable plastic tips for avoiding carry-over.
  • Pin Driven Micro-Dispenser (PinDMD) for picolitre to low nanolitre contact dispensing aplications

All M2MDs can be equipped with a cartridge vessel for bulk dispensing, degasser, temperature control for maximum reproducibility and high volume accuracy.

Key Features

  • 8 positions for source and target MTPs
  • Head mounted camera for substrate inspection and microarray imaging
  • 2D or 3D droplet imaging
  • Humidity, temperature and DEW point control
  • Variable enclosures or stand alone
  • Flexible deck configuration

instrument iTWO™-400

Versatile non-contact liquid handling system with a high and flexible capacity for source and targets

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Technical Data

Drive Range (X/Y/Z)

400mm/ 400mm/ 50mm
Speed = 300m/s

Dimensions (W/D/H)

from 85cm/ 85cm/ 111cm
to 130cm/ 73,5cm/ 175cm

Weight (kg)

from 65 kg
to 200 kg

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