instrument602 Filling Machine

with flexible volume ranges

i602 Filling machine

with flexible volume ranges

instrument602 is a perfect tool for aliquoting liquids into reagent bottles placed on four adjustable trays, usable for production capacities as well as training pruposes. The filling machine is suitable for liquids with different viscosities and properties, including organic solvents. The whole filling process is controlled by an integrated computer with one start button and immediate full-screen access and software which enables custom design filling patterns.

Common Applications

  • Aliquoting bulk solutions into smaller portions
  • Filling vials, vessels and reagent bottles for ELISA
  • Filling spray bottles for medical applications
  • Filling liquid reference materials
  • Filling cosmetics

Key Features

  • Flexible volume ranges
  • Variable deck configuration of bottles
  • User-friendly software application
  • Reduced lab space
  • automatic filling from labratory vessels
  • filling tube with changeable in vessel

instrument602 Filling Machine

with flexible volume ranges

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