Core Competencies


“As a manufacturer of blood analysis technology, we rely on precise and robust manufacturing technologies. With M2, we have found a reliable German partner who has supported us very well in the qualification of the dispensing system. Any special requests were easily possible, so that we could implement our ideal dispensing request without compromise. We also greatly appreciate the quick service from M2/ M24You for subsequent conversions.”

Stefan Frenzel, EKF-diagnostic GmbH, Germany


“M2-automation dispensing technology offer high-precision, speed and good reproducibility for glycan and glycopeptide microarray spotting. This is critical for studies of glycan-protein interactions or for mapping of antibodies recognizing glycan or glycopeptide specific binding epitopes. Besides that the M2/M24You offer an outstanding service support team.”

Assoc. Prof. Ulrika Westerlind, Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden


“The quality, flexibility, wide volume range and ease of software use was our main priority to choose M2-Automation Dispensing Technology. The outstanding application and after sales support show the attitude of the M2/M24You team commitment. After experiencing other dispensing technologies, M2/M24You technology is the right choice for our research work.”

Mr. Dr. Peter Miethe, CEO of fzmb GmbH, Bad-Langensalza, Germany


M24You can change ideas into compelete automated solutions.

Liquid Handling

M24You - your expert in low volume liquid handling instruments in the picolitre, nanolitre and low mililitre range.


M24You integrates imaging options into your custom application setting.


M24You user friendly software gives opportunity to design own assays.

M24You process optimization puts your company ahead


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M24You provides wide range of microdispensing and ultra low volume liquid handling instruments for various chemical and biological applications for contact and non-contact spotting and microdispensers tailored to different applications


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M24You knowledge in ultra low liquid handling technology and microdispensing supports wide range of applications in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical industry due to easy option of developing microarrays, Lab-on-a-chip systems, Lateral flow devices, Biosensors and MALDI. Our unique technology enables us spotting on multiple targets including nitrocellulose membrane, glass slides, MTP or microfluidic devices.

M24You presents M2-Automation Development Highlights

Learn more about M2-Automation and check out Development Highlights.

Development Highlights

M24You Services

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Our researchers constantly develop and improve M2-Automation technology to support different applications and production requests of our customers.

We offer you the ability to test your application in a Demon­stration Test spotting or Pro­duction on Pilot Scale level

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