Liquid Handling Solutions

Our tools provide the precision you need for diagnostic applications like lateral flow, MTPs, micro-electronics, biosensors, modified glass-slide surfaces, cell spotting assays, MALDI-MS and LC-MS.

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Manufacturing Service

We have longtime experience in serving customers and developing solutions according application requests and the expert in producing micro-dispensing instruments with jet technology.

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Spotting Technology

The product portfolio encompasses non contact liquid handling solutions based on solenoid valves and piezoelectric micro-dispensing as well as liquid handler for the use with disposable tips.

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M24You presents M2-Automation Development Highlights

Learn more about us and check out our previous Development Highlights.

Development Highlights


SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics

Past exhibition:
SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics in Berlin (Germany) on 08th-09th November, 2016.

SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics
SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics

Past exhibition:
Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry & Life Sciences in Dublin (Ireland) on 09th-13th October, 2016.

SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics

Past exhibition:
SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics in Berlin (Germany) on 08th-09th November, 2016.

Core Competencies


M24You can provide you with support from idea conception all the way through to completion of an automated solution.

Liquid Handling

M24You - your expert for automated liquid handling instruments in the picolitre, nanolitre and low mililitre range.


M24You integrates imaging options into your custom application setting – e.g. high speed scanner systems.


M24You optimizes production, research and development processes - from ideas to complex computerized automation.

M24You process optimization puts your company ahead


Check out Our Instruments

M24You is focused on ultra-low volume dispensing instruments. Various instrument configurations and micro-dispensing devices are available to provide the perfect platform for applications.

Automated dispensing, MALDI sample preparation and more

10 years’ experience in automated non-contact liquid handling


Check out Our Expertise

M24You Applications including: DNA/protein/cell micro-arrays, MALDI-MS sample preparation and target spotting, Diagnostic biomarker assays on multiple substrates (slide, MTP, membrane), Diagnostic biochips, Biosensors, Lab-on-chip systems, Analytical approaches micro-cavities, Capillary tubes, Microchips, Micro-fluidic devices and many more.

M24You Services

Check out Our Manufacturing Service

Our customers are working on all kind of different applications and for this reason M24You provides you tailor-made solutions for all your Liquid Handling/ - Automation needs in different fields of IVD, miniaturization of assays or microarrays.

We offer you the ability to test your application in a Demon­stration Test spotting or Pro­duction on Pilot Scale level

array printservice

Customers and co-operation partners

HTW Berlin
Ruhr Uni Bochum
Microfluidic Chipshop
George Washington University